The little things

I remember walking back from a party once, I was with a group of friends and it had taken us hours to get even close to home. We had almost made it albeit in a state of delirium, probably the vodka. It was light and the sun was creeping up from behind the terraced houses … Continue reading The little things

Goals for this year

We might be flying through February but due to suffering a 2 week+ bout of that awful flu over the new year and then throwing myself into work to make up for lost hours, I am a little late on the goals/ resolutions bandwagon this year. I have always set myself staunch and somewhat unattainable … Continue reading Goals for this year

Social media and me

I have set myself a challenge, at the ripe old age of 22. After being on Facebook for ELEVEN years. ELEVEN, to a social media detox. To cleanse myself from aimless scrolling and lack of motivation.  I have always enjoyed social media, before Facebook I spent many evenings dishing out love on Bebo or finding … Continue reading Social media and me