Need Street Food

Need Street Food is a new and exciting eatery that serves from The Merchant House craft ale tavern in Southsea. In just a short couple of years they have gone from serving gourmet hot dogs at events, markets and festivals to residing at The Merchant House with an ever-growing menu. I came across them as … Continue reading Need Street Food

Travelling S O L O

I gritted my teeth and wiggled my toes in utter anticipation for the entire journey to Heathrow airport. Hoiking my bag out of the boot, my dad, grinning from ear to ear "You're going to love it, stay safe and phone me as soon as you land!" One big squeeze and off I stroll, dakine … Continue reading Travelling S O L O

Definition of home

What is a home? Is it like suggests.. 'the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or a household'? and if so, why is it that I feel more at home anywhere but? For the past 4 years I have been bopping from place to place like an air … Continue reading Definition of home


As someone that changes their mind more often than their underwear, lives life mostly on a whim and defines spontaneity as more of a religion - I can tell you that it definitely helps having money in the bank. It is essentially the only way to support such a lifestyle and it has taken me … Continue reading SAVING MONEY: TIPS AND TRICKS

Veganism – My story

In the theme of Veganuary, I thought it would be the perfect time to touch on the subject myself. I have been vegan/plant based for 2 years now and had a vegetarian diet for a year prior to that. For anyone that isn't fully aware of what Veganism is, here is a little definition for you. … Continue reading Veganism – My story

Goals for this year

Guess who's back, back, back. Back again, 'gain, 'gain ! We might be flying through February but due to suffering a 2 week+ bout of that awful flu over the new year and then throwing myself into work to make up for lost hours, I am a little late on the goals/ resolutions bandwagon this … Continue reading Goals for this year

What I eat in a day (quick, easy + vegan)

Hello again! Wednesday has come around quick, huh?! As a keen foodie, I love love love nosing through others' food diaries for inspiration and always have about 12 tabs of recipes open on my laptop. The key words I tend to google are 'quick, easy and vegan' because I work full time and believe that … Continue reading What I eat in a day (quick, easy + vegan)